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"I had a group of workers 2 states away that needed to be tested. This company saved me. They offer same day rapid urine testing. It was the easiest process. There wasn't even any paperwork. I provided the name and date of birth for all 14 of my employees and they gave me a confirmation number for each. Next thing I knew, results began rolling into my email. I would definitely recommend this service. It was flawless." 

- Annie C. , Phoenix AZ

We can get you in for collection same day. All we need is approximately 10 minutes notice to get you registered for testing.        Call 877.497.1002

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With multiple collection sites, we are sure to be convenient for you. Provide us your zip code and we will find the location closest to you for collection.

Our test results are the most accurate available and we are a stat service. There are no faster options available than those that we provide.


Call Now To Schedule Same Day Testing: 877.497.1002

Call Now To Schedule Same Day Testing: 877.497.1002

We now offer Drug Testing for synthetic marijuana, K2 Spice. We are able to test through the urine only at this time.

Call: 877.497.1002


Due to multiple rounds of winter weather, the hours of some of our locations around the country may be affected. Please contact our scheduling department for more information.


We are now offering same day DOT Drug Testing through electronic chain of custody with Quest Diagnostics.

Call Us:  877.497.1002

We provide Affordable, Same Day Drug Testing Nationwide. Hassle free collections at convenient locations. Fast and Accurate Results. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Drug Testing Services 

  • Urine Drug Testing
  • Urine Alcohol Testing
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing
  • Blood Drug Testing
  • DOT Drug Testing
  • Non-DOT Drug Testing
  • Expanded Opiate Testing
  • Nicotine Testing
  • K 2 Spice Testing